Friday, May 29, 2009

The Survivor Bra

Q & A with SarahMarie Bostron, "Survivor Bra" Designer

The bra is absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring, approximately how long did it take you to complete your creation? "It took me 8 hours."
This bra definitely deserves a strong and empowering name, do you have a specific name for the bra? "It's called the survivor bra."
What was your inspiration for creating the bra and is there a story behind it?

"My Maternal Grandmother, Carmen Chrismer found a lump in her breast when she was in her thirties. She lived in Yuma, Colorado a small town, she had to travel over three hours to Denver to see specialist Dr McCurdy. Grandma was diagnosed with breast Cancer. Her breast was removed. She had to return to Denver once a year for the next ten years for check ups. Everything was fine. Thirteen years after her diagnosis she found another lump in her remaining breast, she had it checked and found everything was fine. She is a survivor, alive still today.

My mothers Aunt Jean on the fraternal side was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 60. She had the breast removed. She is a survivor.

When my mother was 40 she found a lump in her breast. She went in for a mammogram. The results said that she had fatty tissue in her breast. My mother requested that the doctor take it out, because of the history of breast cancer in our family. The lump was removed."

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