Friday, June 12, 2009

LBD RAISED OVER $7500 for Komen!

Tooting our own horn is great, tooting our own horn and having it benefit someone else is even better! We've happily raised over $7500 for the Puget Sound's Susan G. Komen Foundation. The 1st Annual Save The Girl's Designer Bra show brought in over a staggering 300 attendees who graciously donated their money, business services, and products. With less than 2 months of planning, we were able to gather an amazing team of designers, make up artists, local businesses, and volunteers to collaborate together to make this event a success. LBD and Susan G. Komen are in the planning stages to put together yet another successful benefit for the foundation. Thank you to everyone who's help, support, and dedication made this event a truly honorable success!

~Little Black Dress Events & Productions

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